Tuesday, March 29, 2016

1UP Box VERSUS vs Super Geek Box LIGHTNING vs Loot Crate VERSUS March 2016

I'm cutting it a bit close, but I'm finally getting my geeky subscription box post out before the month ends!  I hope you all like the new picture format.  I like the white background as opposed to the usual blue and the lighting is a lot easier to maintain.  

1UP Box Versus

Batman vs Superman shirt

Ninja Turtles Donatello plush (gave to coworker's kid)

Cute Mario shoelaces

Batman vs Superman pin

I'm not sure what this i referencing, but I love magnets!


Versus poster

1UP Box Versus pin

Super Geek Box Lightning

Really cute Sonic shirt

Sonic plush (gave to coworker's son)

Adorable Pika Chews mint!

Epic Comicast patch

The Flash key topper

Goku and Superman poster

Super Geek Box Lightning pin

Loot Crate Versus

Star Trek shirt

Reversible Daredevil/Punisher hat

Really awesome Predator figurine

Batman vs Superman wallet (gave to coworker's son)

Word Gush app

Harley Quinn comic

Versus magazine

Amazing Loot Crate Versus pin

Another awesome reversible box design

- Jolie ♥

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