Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Innocent + Twisted Alchemy Release the Clow Swatches

Here's a collection I'm really excited to share with you!  Innocent + Twisted Alchemy recently released a Cardcaptor Sakura inspired collection and of course, I bought the entire thing.  I'm a huge, huge fan of CLAMP's works.  I was definitely more Cardcaptor than Sailor Moon :P  The owner, Linda, and I had a few conversations raving about CLAMP and their various works throughout the years.  I'm still a little upset about how long X's hiatus has been and how xxxHolic ended, but whatever, still love their stuff.

Anyway, the full size collection comes in an adorable tin with adorable artwork.  There are six eyeshadows, one blush, and one lip slick.  The set actually sold out really quickly, but Linda contacted me when it was back up so I could purchase ASAP.  She included a full size eyeshadow from the SAW collection as well!

Pictures taken under LED bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top/left half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right half)

S.U.R.V.I.V.E.:  gray with slight red sheen and silver shimmers.  This was my free eyeshadow and was super generous.  However, the jar is pretty leaky and shadow ends up in the threads even after cleaning.  

Moon Castles
Moon Castles:  shimmery white with blue sheen.  This is gorgeous and inspired by Sakura's first crush, Yukito.  When the shade was released, I thought it was inspired by Yue instead (which is pretty much the same anyway...)

Cherry Blossom Magic
Cherry Blossom Magic:  pink with gold sparkles and green shimmers.  This is inspired by the titular character, Sakura.  

Lion of the Sun
Lion of the Sun:  metallic copper gold.  This is inspired by Kero, the cute little lion cub that helps out Sakura.  I know I definitely have a doll/hand puppet of him from Hong Kong somewhere in the house.

Little Wolf
Little Wolf:  green with gold and red sparkles.  This is inspired by Syaoran, Sakura's rival turned love interest.  Their story is really cute and is sort of continued on in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.  

S.U.R.V.I.V.E., Moon Castles, Cherry Blossom Magic, Lion of the Sun, Little Wolf

Feats of Fashion
Feats of Fashion:  beautiful black base with red sparkles and tons of green shimmers.  This is inspired by Sakura's best friend, Tomoyo, who dressed Sakura up in cute battle outfits.

Solitary Savior
Solitary Savior:  dark blurple with red shimmers.  I can't figure out if this is inspired by Clow Reed or his descendent, Eriol.  

Invincible Spell
Invincible Spell:  pink blush with gold sparkles

Innocent Love
Innocent Love:  rosy marsala with a green sheen.  This is the debut of I+TA's new "Lippie Slick".  It seems to be a mix of liquid lipstick and lip gloss.  I absolutely love the formula and color.  It's so comfortable and pigmented!  I really hope to see more colors released in the future.

Feats of Fashion, Solitary Savior, Invincible Spell, Innocent Love

Overall, I really love this entire collection.  Not only are the formulas great, but the colors match with their characters well.  Even though CCS isn't my favorite CLAMP work, its still an unforgettable series that forged a path for all the other magical girl works.  Now I really hope Linda creates another CLAMP inspired collection because I would sweep that up in a heartbeat!  My favorites to date are RG Veda, xxxHolic, and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles by extension (because of all the awesome crossover characters!).  If you're a fan of CCS and/or just like I+TA eyeshadows in general, I really recommend picking this collection up!

- Jolie ♥


  1. Ooh, these are super pretty! And as far as CLAMP goes, I think I would just about kill for a Magic Knight Rayearth collection...

    1. Haha oh wow, it's been YEARS since I read Magic Knight Rayearth. I have mixed feelings about the sequel as well. I'm still clamoring about an xxxHolic or RG Veda collection! Angelic Layer was also a really fun read :)