Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hello Waffle February 2016 Visage - Bluebeard Swatches

Guess what, everyone?  I finally got off the Hello Waffle Visage waitlist!  I don't remember when I got on it, but I definitely waited a few months.  It's $30/month and usually includes around three mini eyeshadows, a face product, and lip product.  $30 a month is a bit hefty but I'm trying to cut back on drinking so hopefully that saves me some money each month ;)  Anyway, this month's Visage is based off of the story of Bluebeard and is a particularly chilling tale.  The owner, Christine, includes a tidbit on the story, guides on how to wear the products, and a price list.  She also included the entire story on a separate piece of paper, albeit in very tiny print.

Bluebeard story

Awesome label art - key dipped in blood

Pictures taken under LED light and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top/left half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right half)

Plates of Gold and Silver
Plates of Gold Silver:  beautiful pale gold

Richer and Finer
Richer and Finer:  shimmery nude pink

A Gentleman
A Gentleman:  moderately opaque deep blue with blue shimmers

The Closet
The Closet:  rosewood with silver and blue shimmers

Fairy Key
Fairy Key:  opaque matte berry lipstick.  This month's guest indie was Howl Cosmetics and they made an exclusive full sized lipstick just for the Visage!  I've always liked the fact that Howl lipsticks weren't as drying as other matte lipsticks, yet still stayed on throughout the day.  Although I don't wear berries too often, it does go great with the eyeshadows that Christine made.


This was an eye look created specifically with Christine's instructions on the note.  It has The Closet in the inner corner, outer corner, crease, and lower lashline, Richer and Finer on the lid and inner corner, Plates of Gold and Silver on top of Richer and Finer, and A Gentleman in the crease.  I love how effortless this halo eye turned out and I thank Christine for her wonderful instructions!

Plates of Go

- Jolie ♥

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