Monday, February 22, 2016

Hello Waffle Wu Xing and My Lips But... Swatches and Review

Alright, before you read any further, this is a warning that this post is going to be pretty massive.  It's SUPER picture heavy (100+ pics), so I'll try not to ramble as much as I usually do.  This is a swatch fest and review of Hello Waffle Cosmetics' recent Wu Xing collection and My Lips But... lipsticks.  I got the entire Wu Xing collection and all but two of the MLBs, but Christine (the owner) generously included the last two MLBs for me!  

Now Wu Xing is based off of Chinese elements and have beautiful label arts that match the theme.  There are five mini collections that include three eyeshadows, one face products, and one lipstick for a full face look.  I really love Asian culture and mythology, especially dragons, so I knew I needed at least one full size product from each mini collection because of how beautiful the label arts were.  Luckily, the products themselves were gorgeous, so the decision wasn't too hard.  There were also two Gift With Purchases (GWPs) available during that time, depending on how much your order was.  My huge order qualified for both, so that was great, and I also picked up a lipstick from one of the Visage overstocks as well.

I received my package almost a month back; it's taken me this long because I wanted to do full looks with each collection beforehand.  My swatches this time will be split up a little differently.  I'm swatching each full collection separately, complete with full face looks using the entire collection ONLY as well.  This will give you a good idea on how everything plays together.  

Pictures taken under LED bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top/left half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right half)


White Tiger
White Tiger:  pale lavender with silver sparkles

Metal:  matte dark gray

Contraction:  gray with silver shimmers

New Yang
New Yang:  ivory highlighter with silver shimmers

West:  dusty mauve lipstick

White Tiger, Metal, Contraction, New Yang, West

Contraction (inner and outer corner), White Tiger (middle lid), Metal (crease)

New Yang (cheek highlight), West (lips)


Wood:  matte medium peach

Expansion:  olive with blue shimmers

Azure Dragon
Azure Dragon:  gorgeous dark green base with tons of blue sparkles

New Yin
New Yin:  beautiful nude pink blush with gold sheen

East:  semi sheer mauve brown 

Wood, Expansion, Azure Dragon, New Yin, East

Azure Dragon (inner and outer corner), Expansion (middle of lid), Wood (crease)

New Yin (cheeks), East (lips)


Water:  matte nude pink

Descension:  beautiful dark teal with green and copper shimmers

Black Tortoise
Black Tortoise:  dark purple with blue and green sparkles

Full Yang
Full Yang:  matte tan contour; this is a bit too light for me to contour or use as a blush, so I'll probably use it as a transition shade!

North:  opaque dark berry

Water, Descension, Black Tortoise, Full Yang, North

Descension (lid), Black Tortoise (outer corner), Water (crease)

Full Yang (cheeks), North (lips)


Ascension:  golden orange with gold sparkles

Fire:  matte brick red

Vermillion Bird
Vermillion Bird:  shimmery crimson with gold sparkles

Full Yin
Full Yin:  orange blush with red and gold shimmers

South:  bright blue red

Ascension, Fire, Vermillion Bird, Full Yin, South

Ascension (inner corner), Vermillion Bird (lid), Fire (outer corner and crease)

Full Yin (cheeks), South (lips) - I know it's a really red look, but I wore it on Chinese New Year and didn't feel as weird :P


Earth:  matte ivory

Yellow Dragon
Yellow Dragon:  nude pink with gold sparkles and shimmers

Harmony:  bronze with gold and red shimmers

Yin/Yang:  nude peach blush with gold shimmers

Center:  semi sheer nude peach; stains lips a bright coral pink within seconds.  My full face picture won't look like I have nude lips at all because of how much my lip color shows through after rubbing my lips together.

Earth, Yellow Dragon, Harmony, Yin/Yang, Center

Yellow Dragon (inner corner), Harmony (lid), Earth (crease)

Yin/Yang (cheeks), Center (lips)


Reeds:  matte taupe

Peonies:  matte merlot

My Lips But... and Visage Extra

My Lips but Nuder
My Lips but Nuder:  opaque nude; stains lips bright coral

My Lips but Peacher
My Lips but Peacher:  moderately opaque peach; stains lips bright pink

My Lips but Redder
My Lips but Redder:  moderately opaque rose 

My Lips but Better
My Lips but Better:  moderately opaque mauve

My Lips but Berrier
My Lips but Berrier:  moderately opaque mauve pink

Into the Woods
Into the Woods:  moderately opaque brown red.  This is the Visage extra and makes me feel super sexy!

Reeds, Peonies, Nuder, Peacher, Reddier, Better, Berrier, Into the Woods

Congratulations for making it all the way through!  Thanks for sticking through until the end, even though there were a butt ton of pictures.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Wu Xing collection and creating looks out of the specific elements.  My favorite by far has to be the Wood look, I absolutely love the halo eye I created using Expansion in the center.  My second favorite would have to be Water because the individual shades call to me.  I'm really enjoying Hello Waffle's lipstick formula as well.  They're very comfortable and don't dry out my lips.  I really like reapplying and they have great color payoff.  I've been wearing the Wu Xing and MLBs for the entire month and haven't tired of them yet.

As far as I know, both collections are permanent, so don't hesitate to pick some up if you like what you see!

- Jolie ♥


  1. Loving those looks you put together! I'm going to have to place an order real soon!! :)

    1. Thank you so much! Let me know what you end up getting :)

  2. These are wonderful! All of the colors look amazing on you!

    1. Thank you! Hello Waffle has an amazing formula for all their products! I definitely recommend checking them out.