Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Howl Cosmetics Winter 2015 Lipstick Swatches and Review!

Howl Cosmetics recently released their Winter 2015 collection that includes eyeshadows, blushes, and lipsticks.  I've noticed that Howl tends to have seasonal releases, rather than the almost monthly collections I've been seeing from other companies.  I do like Howl's overall aesthetic, from their branding to packaging - everything's very professional and well done.  This time around, I only picked up the lipsticks from the Winter collection because the eyeshadows were a bit too cool toned for my tastes.  They also had a nifty discount for Black Friday, so the total wasn't too bad.

When I received my package, I realized right off the bat how large the lipstick was.  It might not be noticeable in the pictures, but it's a fatter tube than I'm used to.  It also has some weight to it and clicks shut, so the quality of the packaging is pretty nice.  Included was an art print drawn by Grace Roff and some free shadow and blush samples.

Art print by Grace Roff

Pictures taken under LED bulb and swatched over bare skin; two swipes of each lipstick

Idle Hours
Idle Hours:  cool pink blush

Brulee:  opaque matte coral

Gingerbread:  opaque matte tan with orange undertones

Snowberry:  opaque matte berry red

Idle Hours, Brulee, Gingerbread, Snowberry

So far, I've only tried out Howl's lipsticks in sample form, where I applied with my fingers.  I definitely prefer them in bullet form and I already knew their formula was pretty nice and opaque.  All of the lipsticks are matte and non drying.  Obviously they don't add any moisture to your lips, but they're not painful after a few hours either.  They're very opaque, but are susceptible to wearing away after eating oily food.  I still like the formula because reapplying isn't painful, though sometimes I get lazy and I just put on a lip balm instead of reapplying.  It doesn't wear away completely, so putting on some lip balm just evens out the color again while moisturizing my lips.

I highly recommend Howl's lipsticks and I'm really tempted to ask the owner if she has any of the WTNV exclusive lipstick left.  I don't normally wear purples, but I really do love Hiram McDaniels lol.

- Jolie ♥

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