Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Corvus Cosmetics Nevermore Collection Swatches

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their families!  I had initially caught up with ALL my pending blog posts and of course, since I made a ton of orders during Black Friday, I am behind again.  I made an order when Corvus Cosmetics released their Edgar Allen Poe inspired collection way back in November.  Poe is a big part of the company's inspiration so it was a very special release.  

Story time interruption!  So there was a makeup meeting planned awhile back that was to take place in Philadelphia in the beginning of December.  The shop owners of Corvus Cosmetics and Hello Waffle Cosmetics were among those in attendance.  An awesome friend that also lives in NYC offered to drive us both there.  Long story short, it was extremely fun, both shop owners and everyone I met were amazing and hilarious.  What was especially cool was when Corvus' owner, Noel, showed up and gave us all our orders (and refunded shipping!)  Lots of shopping was done and drinks were had.  It was a great day and wonderful to meet all the online friends I'd been talking to for the past year :)

So yes, I've had this order since the beginning of December and am just now getting to posting it.  Whoops.  I'm trying though!  Maybe my New Years resolution should be to blog more frequently and consistently...  Anyway, I'm sorry for the long ramble - here are some swatches!

Pictures taken under LED bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top/left half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right half)

Lady Ligeia
Lady Ligeia:  matte gray

Putrescence:  gray blue with gold and green sparkles

Vulture Eye
Vulture Eye:  light blue with silver sparkles

Helusion:  yellow with light green sheen

Maiden:  light pink with gold and red sparkles

Thy Love Lenore
Thy Love Lenore:  shimmery rose with blue sparkles

Lady Ligeia, Putrescence, Vulture Eye, Helusion, Maiden, Thy Love Lenore

Scimitar:  lavender with pink and gold sparkles

Ourang-outan:  red orange with gold sparkles

Catalepsy:  swampy red toned green with silver shimmers

Masquerade:  aquamarine with blue and purple shimmers

Phantasm:  absolutely beautiful black with forest green shimmers

Scimitar, Ourang-outan, Catalepsy, Masquerade, Phantasm

Amontillado:  red with gold sparkles and red shimmers

My Last Jest
My Last Jest:  brick red with gold and red sparkles

Taphophobia:  plum with red and gold shimmers

Berenice:  matte dried blood red with silver shimmers

Nevermore:  dusty purple with gold duochrome

Amontillado, The Last Jest, Taphophobia, Berenice, Nevermore

Overall, I like how varied the shades in this collection are.  I like that Corvus strayed away from the easy route of doing dark and dreary colors and instead focused on the more colorful aspects of each story they were inspired by.  The Nevermore collection is a permanent in Corvus' catalog and will not be cycled out seasonally like the others.  They are also implementing a new sample system starting next year.  Individual samples will not be sold anymore, but you can still purchase sample sizes of full collections.  That doesn't affect me because I purchase samples of entire collections as they are released.  As usual, I look forward to upcoming products Corvus releases soon and I hope you do as well :)

- Jolie ♥

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