Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pigment of My Imagination First Impression Swatches and Sneak Peeks!

I'm very excited to show you some swatches and first impressions of a brand new indie company, Pigment of My Imagination!  We got in contact and the lovely owner, Bri, asked if I would like to swatch her general catalog colors or her upcoming Twin Peaks inspired colors.  Being a fan of Twin Peaks, I chose that one!  She sent out the samples quickly and I received them last week.  (Lots of life and work drama prevented me from swatching until this week, sorry!)

When I opened my packaged, I was surprised with not only the Twin Peak colors, but all of the general catalog colors as well!  Bri had very generously slipped in her entire collection for me to swatch :D  Her general catalog is named after people who had a hand in testing out products for her, so it's extra special.  I'll be showing off the Twin Peaks shadows first, and then the general catalog.

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Glue (left/top half) and ELF Essential Primer (right/bottom half)

Full of Secrets
Full of Secrets:  pale pink with silvery blue sheen

Garmonbozia:  shimmery yellow with slight green sheen

Log Lady
Log Lady:  shimmery bronze

Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie:  gorgeous shimmery garnet

Wrapped in Plastic
Wrapped in Plastic:  sky blue with copper sheen

Blue Rose
Blue Rose:  blue with violet microshimmer.  This color is absolutely stunning over a sticky base!  While it's pigmented over a regular base, it definitely shines over a sticky one.

Douglas Firs
Douglas Firs:  beautiful green with red microshimmer

Full of Secrets, Garmonbozia, Log Lady, Cherry Pie, Wrapped in Plastic, Blue Rose, Douglas Firs

General Catalog

Chamomile:  matte cream

Clementine:  matte pastel pink

Morgan:  shimmery pale orchid with silver sparkles

Meagan:  gorgeous warm lavender

Brooke:  matte purple taupe

Katrina:  pink with blue duochrome

Chamomile, Clementine, Morgan, Meagan, Brooke, Katrina

Ripley:  pigmented purple with gold shimmers

Tori:  beautiful red brown base with green blue duochrome

Lucy:  shimmery blue with slight green sheen

Kelly:  shimmery light blue green with gold sheen

Linda:  seaweed green with copper sparkles

Marcia:  gorgeous blackened blue

Ripley, Tori, Lucy, Kelly, Linda, Marcia

Overall, POMI's eyeshadow formula is light, fluffy, and has good pigmentation over regular primers.  I'm impressed and would definitely recommend the shop.  I've noticed most of the general catalog colors are cool toned, so I'm hoping the shop releases some warm colors as well.  I'm very excited about the Twin Peaks collection because the colors are vibrant and exciting.  I'm especially Blue Rose because I love blue roses and the shade itself stands out over sticky base.  I'm excited to see POMI grow in the future and again, am very thankful for all the samples that Bri sent!

- Jolie ♥

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