Thursday, August 27, 2015

AFK Cosmetics Summer Lovin' 2015 Swatches!

Hey everyone, I have swatches of AFK Cosmetics' recent Summer Lovin' collection today!  It's an Advent Calender style collection where you're only supposed to open one item per day.  Of course, being as impatient as I am, I opened them all at once and wasn't even sorry.  I believe AFK does this twice a year, once in the summer and once in the winter.  I opted for the sample size collection because I don't use up full size products anyway.  And I know it's almost the end of summer, but as long as I get it out before then, right? :P

This is an inside joke, but basically in my previous order, Dena had drawn me a melted snowman and she revived it here :P

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over NM Shadow Bind (top/left half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right half)

Beautiful Blonde Pineapple
Beautiful Blonde Pineapple:  pale yellow with silver sparkles.  This is a sample from the very own, AFK Cosmetics!  It's very satiny and feminine.

Beauty School Dropout
Beauty School Dropout:  matte pale pink.  This is a sample from Blackbird Cosmetics, who specializes in matte shadows.  Everyone raves about them and I'm not a matte lover, so I can't fully appreciate the quality, but it is very soft and pigmented.

Flamingo:  pressure sensitive coral to pink balm; coconut scented.  This is a balm sample from Hello Waffle Cosmetics and feels extremely comfortable on the lips!

Mind if I stand on your towel?
Mind if I Stand on Your Towel?:  coral blush with pink shimmers.  This is a blush sample from Baroque Cosmetics.  I enjoy their blushes and this is a nice shade.

Galah Cockatoo
Galah Cockatoo:  hot pink lipstick; coconut scented.  This is a lipstick sample from bird themed shop, Preen Cosmetics!  It was very pigmented and comfortable as well.

Boardwalk:  perfume sample from Sixteen92.  Oh my gosh, I'm horrible at scents and I have no idea what this is supposed to smell like!  After a million sniffs, I think I'm picking up vanilla?  I could be completely wrong though, so I know I'm not helpful at all in the perfume area :(

Bonfires on the Beach
Bonfires on the Beach:  purple with gold sparkles.  This is a sample from duochrome masters, Femme Fatale.  While this isn't a duochrome eyeshadow per se, it's still a pretty color.

Beautiful Blonde Pineapple, Beauty School Dropout, Flamingo, Mind if I Stand on Your Towel?, Galah Cockatoo, Bonfires on the Beach

Mojito Madness
Mojito Madness:  beautiful ocean green with copper sheen and blue sparkles.  This is either a mini or full sized jar from Innocent and Twisted Alchemy.  I like this color a lot because Mojitos are one of my favorite drinks in the summer!

Destiny Islands
Destiny Islands: semi sheer strawberry red balm with strawberry scent.  This is a sample balm from Shiro Cosmetics and it's pretty sheer on my lips.

Peachy Refresher
Peachy Refresher:  refreshing peach mist from Haus of Gloi.

Twinkies & Wine
Twinkies & Wine:  baby blue with green shimmer.  This is a sample from Tilt/Shift Cosmetics, pretty color but wasn't very evocative of actual Twinkies and wine.

Too Pure to be Pink
Too Pure to be Pink:  peachy coral with gold shimmers.  Another awesome eyeshadow sample from AFK Cosmetics!

In the Lurch
In the Lurch:  moderately opaque burnt orange balm with gold sparkles.  This was an extra balm sample AFK decided to include because the boxes shipped slightly later.  I love AFK's balm formula and pigmentation; this was no exception.  

Mojito Madness, Destiny Islands, Twinkies & Wine, Too Pure to be Pink, In the Lurch

This collection comprised of exclusive products, so if you didn't buy the box, you may not get them at all unless the individual companies decide to sell the overstocks!  Everything was very summery and light, which aren't colors I wear often, but I do like the 50s theme of things.  Most of the products are still in my "to wear" pile, so at least I'll be able to enjoy summer even after summer inevitably ends :(

- Jolie ♥

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