Saturday, August 1, 2015

1UP Box SIDEKICK vs Loot Crate UNITE May 2015

Wowwww, yeah I'm the worst blogger ever lol.  Sorry this has been a really long time coming.  Just general procrastination, old laptop dying, and catching a cold has pushed this back further than I wanted.  I was actually excited about posting this up because I really liked what I got!  Without further ado, lets get on with it!


BMO Plush
BMO Plush:  As soon as I opened up my box, this lil cutie was peeking up at me.  I legitimately screamed out in joy and picked him up.  BMO is one of my favorite characters in Adventure Time and his plush is so cute!  I didn't actually care what came in the box after that since the plush made the whole thing worth it for me haha.

Sidekick Shirt
Sidekick shirt:  Yoshi vs BMO Tron style!  I think this shirt might glow in the dark, so that's really cool too!

Star Wars bag
Star Wars bag:  I really like this bag because the Star Wars scene actually makes up an R2D2 and I thought it was really creative.  I don't use drawstring bags at all but I'm keeping this one.


Optimus Prime Jake sticker

Robin dogtag

Sidekick button

Loot Crat UNITE

Green/White Ranger shirt

Rick and Morty Puzzle
Rick and Morty Puzzle:  This was great for me because I love jigsaw puzzles and I love Rick and Morty.  I watch Rick and Morty with my fiance so we decided to do this puzzle together.  It was a great couples activity for us and we enjoyed naming all the little characters we saw!

Marvel shoelace

Team Fortress 2 buttons

Avengers decal

Avengers Ice Cube Tray

Unite Magazine

MAD Magazine
MAD Magazine:  This was an exclusive magazine that MAD made for Loot Crate.  I've been a big fan of MAD since I was a kid so receiving this was exciting for me!

Bravest Warriors comic
Bravest Warriors comic:  As much as I love Adventure Time, I hadn't gotten into Bravest Warriors until this Loot Crate.  This comic actually became my go to bathroom reading companion and prompted me to start the series.  I haven't progressed past the pilot, but I do like that it's different from AT and it's much more geared towards adults.

UNITE button

UNITE box turns into a locker room!

- Jolie ♥

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