Friday, August 7, 2015

1UP Box ARCADE vs Super Geek Box COURAGE vs Loot Crate CYBER June 2015

Welcome back, everyone!  You may have noticed by now, but I've added an extra box to the monthly running!  The new candidate is called Super Geek Box and is apparently made by one of the co-creators of 1UP Box.  Apparently, they had creative differences and split off with one staying in 1UP Box and the other creating Super Geek Box.  This is my first month with Super Geek and I believe it's their second box ever.  They're very new but I'm really excited about them!  (Spoiler alert - they're amazing.)  


Street Fighter/DDR Shirt:  I thought this mashup was really cute.  Street Fighter and DDR are both arcade games so they fit the theme.  Some people have been bashing mashups, but I actually think they're cute.  Plus I know they're one of a kind and I find them funny; they're wins for me!

Spider Man Zipper Pull

Pac Man Candy Tin
Pac Man Candy Tin:  This is a candy tin shaped like an old school arcade machine.  I love this because I have a Space Invaders one that would match it really well!

Street Fighter Bobblehead
Street Fighter Bobblehead:  This was one of several Street Fighter figures I could have gotten.  Frankly, he's the ugliest one in my opinion, so I'll be giving him away...  I wanted Chun Li :/

Space Invaders Lanyard

Metallic Arcade Sticker

Arcade buttons
Arcade buttons:  I'm not sure why I received three in this box when I normally receive one.  I wonder if it's intentional (like they're giving us coins) or if so many were slipped in my box by mistake.

Super Geek Box COURAGE

Triforce Shirt
Triforce Shirt:  Mashup between Star Wars and Legend of Zelda.  This was a really great quality shirt, the material was soft and the metallic letters were really beautiful.  As it was my first shirt from Super Geek, it made me look forward to the rest.

Batman Dorbz
Batman Dorbz Figure:  How cute is this figure?!  Dorbz is a very good name for this series, I'm tempted to take him out and display him.

Kenny Figure
Kenny Figure:  This is a figure from the new South Park Movie.  It's odd because in their pamphlet, they stated everyone would be getting Cartman, yet I got Kenny.  I'm not complaining though, because I like Kenny a lot more.

Link Candy Tin

Bravest Warriors Key Topper
Bravest Warriors Key Topper:  This was another odd one because the pamphlet showed either Catbug or another cute creature.  Instead, I got this weird looking guy :/  I would've preferred Catbug instead.

Dragonball Z Cards

Superman Air Freshener

Courage button

Loot Crate CYBER

Tron and Transformers mashup Shirt

Terminator Skull

CYBER Magazine

Terminator Brain Chip

Blade Runner Patch

Large mouse pad

Pencil case

Nerf targets

Nerd HQ Stickers

CYBER button

- Jolie ♥

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