Monday, August 3, 2015

Notoriously Morbid Alpha & Omega and Eureka! Eye Bases Swatches!

Welcome back, everyone!  I'm really excited to be posting swatches of one of Notoriously Morbid's biggest collections to date - Alpha & Omega.  It boasts thirteen eyeshadows, three highlighters, three blushes, and three bronzers.  It's a beautiful neutral collection inspired by Joe Hill's Locke and Key comic book series.  On the same day, they also released three eye bases inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas and new Changeling topcoat colors.  I will be showing all these products to you today, so be warned, it's EXTREMELY picture heavy!

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over NM's Shadow Bind (top/left half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right half)

Alpha & Omega

Head Key
Head Key:  shimmery pale pink with gold sparkles

Animal:  satin chiffon with blue shimmers

Timeshift:  beige with gold and silver shimmers

Owl:  nude with gold sparkles

Shadow:  shimmery taupe with gold and blue sparkles

Head Key, Animal, Timeshift, Owl, Shadow

Hercules:  shimmery bronze with gold sparkles

Gender:  satin pink with violet sheen

Age:  beautiful coral with gold shimmers.  Age wasn't offered for sale, but is part of the collection and was given as a free sample along with the order.

Omega:  shimmery gray with pink sheen and gold shimmers

Ghost:  satin dark purple with red and gold microshimmers

Hercules, Gender, Age, Omega, Ghost

Philosophoscope:  beautiful burgundy with gold and red microshimmers

Alpha:  charcoal with blue sheen and red microshimmers

Plant:  beautiful bright green with blue shimmers

Key to the Moon
Key to the Moon:  dark blue green with violet sheen

Philosophoscope, Alpha, Plant, Key to the Moon

Harlequin:  white highlight with blue sheen and red shimmers

Angel:  cream highlight with pink shimmer

Echo:  yellow highlight with gold sparkles and blue shimmer

Music:  matte coral blush

Anywhere:  matte mauve blush with red and gold shimmers

Skin:  matte rose blush

Harlequin, Angel, Echo, Music, Anywhere, Skin

Giant:  cool toned matte sepia contour

Chain:  matte khaki contour

Mending:  matte brick contour

Giant, Chain, Mending

Gift With Purchases and Collection Exclusives

Solstice:  sky blue with pink shimmers.  This shade was released along with the collection and offered as a GWP for that day.  It has color on its own, but works best over a sticky base for maximum opacity.

Reali-Key:  gray base with tons of blue shimmer.  This is one of the three July exclusive shades in the Alpha & Omega collection.  Since it's very shimmery, it works best over a sticky base in order to show off that stunning glow.

Splody:  lavender with gold sparkles.  Second July exclusive shadow in the collection, it's very soft and feminine.

Grindhouse:  brick red with gold sparkles.  Third and last July exclusive shade in the collection and I was impressed at how pigmented it was over regular primer.

Solstice, Reali-Key, Splody, Grindhouse

Eureka!  Eye Bases

Bone Daddy
Bone Daddy:  sheer white base, creamy texture.  To avoid sounding redundant, I'll just state here that all of the bases remove easily with makeup remover.  It was a pleasant surprise for me because I used to use a drugstore black eyeshadow crayon as a base for smoky eyes, but dreaded doing them because it took so long to remove.  However, these bases remove as easily as any other makeup look and I'm falling in love with how fool-proof they are.  I've worn this under eyeshadow for 8+ hours with no visible creasing!

Eureka:  nude base, creamy texture.

Nightshade:  black base, harder texture.  

Bone Daddy, Eureka, Nightshade


Wendigo:  metallic red, blue, purple shift

Wendigo over Rune

Phoenix:  metallic gold

Phoenix over Sacrifice

Wendigo and Phoenix

I thoroughly enjoyed my huge, huge haul!  I love how none of the Alpha & Omega neutrals were boring to me and how many face products were actually offered.  As a Pokemon fan, I'm also loving the name of the collection, even if it doesn't actually pertain to the series.  As usual, the Changeling Topcoats look stunning over various Mystic Matte lipsticks.  And like I said before, the eye bases were a very pleasant surprise with how easy they were to use.  I've never really used eye bases before because of how hard they were to remove, and these make me want to convert.  I'm sad that the three month exclusive shades are gone, but the jars should last me until the end of time!

- Jolie ♥

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