Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Spring 2017 Boldly Beautiful! Swatches

Welcome back, everyone!  I'm very excited to show you swatches of Dawn Eyes Cosmetics' newest Spring collection!  It's called Boldly Beautiful! and features fifteen eyeshadows, two of which are in their new semi loose formula.  Dawn Eyes doesn't seem to have an official TAT listed, but most of my orders ship in the next business day or two, so the TAT is very short.

Pictures taken under LED bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top/left half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right half)

The Last Frost
The Last Frost:  white with silver sparkles

Galaxy of Summer Skies
Galaxy of Summer Skies:  semi loose metallic lavender

Spring Dress
Spring Dress:  mustard with gold sparkles and red shimmers

Crystal Jade
Crystal Jade:  yellow green with gold sparkles and green, blue, and red shimmers.  This one needs a sticky base because it's quite sheer over a regular primer.

Dew Drenched Grass
Dew Drenched Grass:  beautiful grass green with green sparkles and shimmers

Rain Washed Sky
Rain Washed Sky:  blue with blue sparkles and shimmers.  I found this slightly patchy over regular primer, so a sticky base is recommended.

The Last Frost, Galaxy of Summer Skies, Spring Dress, Crystal Jade, Dew Drenched Grass, Rain Washed Sky

Spring's Kiss
Spring's Kiss:  medium pink with pink sparkles and green shimmers

Ultra Violet
Ultra Violet:  royal purple with blue sparkles and pink shimmers

Setting Sun
Setting Sun:  semi loose metallic antique gold with pink sheen

Electric Orange
Electric Orange:  burnt orange with gold and red shimmers

Red Skies at Night
Red Skies at Night:  orange rose with pink and gold sparkles

Love at First Sight
Love at First Sight:  rose with blue sparkles and pink and green shimmers

Spring's Kiss, Ultra Violet, Setting Sun, Electric Orange, Red Skies at Night, Love at First Sight

Fiery Red Rose
Fiery Red Rose:  dark rose with pink sparkles

Sapling:  taupe with gold, red, and green shimmers

Summer's Soil
Summer's Soil:  dark purple brown with pink sparkles and green and gold shimmers

Duck Tales
Duck Tales:  gold mustard with pink, gold, and green sparkles; free sample

Mint Julep
Mint Julep:  seafoam with green and blue sparkles; free sample

Blue Shift
Blue Shift:  light blue with blue sparkles and green and red shimmers; free sample

Fiery Red Rose, Sapling, Summer's Soil, Duck Tales, Mint Julep, Blue Shift

Overall, I'm really happy with this new collection.  The bright colors definitely fit the bold theme for Spring and did not fail to deliver.  I've been having lots of fun playing with these colors and can't wait to press them all into my Dawn Eyes palettes :)

- Jolie ♥

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  1. I've been wanting gold eyeshadow, so I might just have to get it from Dawn Eyes! I kinda like Summer's Soil, too.