Saturday, June 10, 2017

1UP GENIUS vs Super Geek GALAXY vs Loot Anime UNNATURAL May 2017

Time for the first installment of belated May blog posts >_<  I recently unsubscribed to Loot Crate so I won't be featuring those on my blog anymore.  I did newly subscribe to Pop in a Box, but I'm not sure if those are worth showing off.  Let me know!

1UP Box Genius

Superman Batman Flash crossover shirt

Iron Man cord scaler

1UP Box exclusive heroes headphones

The Flash iron on patch

Comic sounds magnets

Genius poster

Genius pin

Super Geek Box Galaxy

Adorable Rocket Raccoon shirt

Leela Mopeez!  There were other Futurama characters and I would've been happy with any of them!

Starfox mug.  I love mugs, so practical :P

Adorable Rocket Raccoon necklace

Star Wars and Space Invaders crossover mouse pad

Galaxy pin

Loot Anime Unnatural

Mob Psycho 100 shirt

Noragami cap

Death Note glow in the dark mug

Parasyte vol.1  This is one of my favorite series so I'm pretty happy to have it.

Unnatural poster

Unnatural phone charm

Unnatural box design

- Jolie ♥

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