Thursday, March 30, 2017

1UP Box TEAM vs Super Geek Box UNITE vs Loot Crate PRIMAL vs Loot Anime FUTURE March 2017

BOOYAH, I'm getting this post out before the month actually ends!  Bonus points for me because Super Geek Box actually arrived today.  Talk about last minute, eh?  I can't say I was really happy with the stuff I got this month, mainly because I'm not really into most of the themes :/  Hopefully next month is better for me!

1Up Team

The Flash, Rocket Raccoon, and Sonic crossover shirt

Sonic plush

X Men slap bracelet

Cute Adventure Time poster

Cute Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stickers

Team poster

Team pin

Super Geek Unite

Deadpool and Power Rangers crossover shirt

Red Ranger Dorbz figure

Creepy TMNT plush

Blue Ranger mini figure

TMNT posters

Cute Unite pin

Loot Crate Unite

Primal Rage shirt.  My fiance was very excited about this because he loved the game when he was younger!

Wolverine figure

Awesome Predator bottle opener

Jurassic World metal sign

Primal magazine

Primal pin

Convertible T-Rex box.  I was too lazy to convert it.

Loot Anime Future

Ghost in a Shell shirt

Clockwork Planet manga

Cool Psycho Pass USB

Kiznaiver mousepad

Future poster

Future phone charm

Future box design

- Jolie ♥

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