Saturday, March 25, 2017

1UP Box ENEMY vs Super Geek Box CLASSIC vs Loot Crate BUILD vs Loot Anime TOGETHER February 2017

Alright, I know February's subscription post is ridiculously late, even more so than usual D:  I was having a very busy and stressful month, which is actually carrying over to March as well.  Here's hoping April is better!  On another note, I liked most of the things I got in my boxes though!

1Up Enemy

Batman and Joker shirt

Killer Croc figurine

Harley Quinn luggage tag

Mario enemies tie!  I actually really love this.

Team Rocket sticker that wasn't included in my box.

Enemy poster

Enemy pin

Super Geek Classic

Mario shirt

Mrs. Pac Man plush.  This was actually the rarest one out of the bunch!

Optimus Prime figure

Mario magnets

Sonic tote bag

Classic pin

Loot Crate Build

Power Rangers shirt

Batman plastic jar

Lego police car

Tetris magnets

Build magazine

Build pin

Convertible robot box

Loot Anime Together

Haikyu shirt

Luffy figurine

Mr. Osomatsu charm

The Boy and the Beast novel

Together poster

Together phone charm

Together box

- Jolie ♥

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