Wednesday, June 8, 2016

AFK Cosmetics Hittin' the Gym and Geek Pride Collections Swatches!

AFK recently combined two of my biggest loves - makeup and Pokemon.  They released a multi product collection based off of the Pokemon gyms in the Kanto region.  It features five eyeshadows, one highlighter, and two tinted lip balms with custom label art.  It was released on Geek Pride Day so a trio of eyeshadows were also created for the occasion.  They were offered as Gifts with Purchase depending on how large the order was.  I didn't realize I was eligible for two free shadows instead of one so the owner threw in another free full sized eyeshadow!  

AFK's TAT is currently 7-20 business days; I find that it's heavily padded and my order actually shipped out the next business day!  Unfortunately, it was also Memorial Day weekend and USPS decided to take a few extra days to bounce back and I ended up receiving my package a bit later.  I also decided to change up my swatching order a bit this time.  I usually swatch colors from lightest to darkest, but since this theme sort of has an order...I'm swatching in the order of the gyms you're supposed to defeat in the games!

Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me unless otherwise stated.

Pokemon themed snowman drawing, thank you, Dena! ♥

Pictures taken under LED bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top/left half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right half)

Boulder:  charcoal with silver sparkles.  Ah, the first gym you encounter in the games, and supposedly the easiest.  I have to shamefully admit that I had a really hard time beating Brock because of my starter type and had to restart my game several times.  

Cascade:  aquamarine with green and red sparkles.  I know it seems more sky blue in the swatch photo, but it's a hair greener.  This jar actually came without a bottom label.  I messaged the owner about it last night and I'm still waiting for a response.  (I asked if she can either send it out or include it in my next order.)

Thunder:  yellow with gold sparkles and red shimmers

Rainbow:  pale pink highlight with green sparkles and red and gold shimmers; swatched heavily over bare skin.  I really enjoy AFK's highlighters, I've been using Holy Hand Grenade a lot recently and love the effect it has on my skin!

Marsh:  satin finish milk chocolate with green and red shimmers.  I initially thought it was a matte shadow until I swatched it.  It  definitely has more of a satin finish with a beautiful texture.  ALSO, I somehow completely skipped this gym and went on to the next one.  I was pretty confused as to why the next gym had such higher level Pokemon than my team.

Bare lips


Soul on face
Soul:  moderately opaque fuchsia balm with faint silver sheen.  This was extremely comfortable and moisturizing.  The Soul badge was the most recent gym I defeated, so I won't have any more Pokemon related quips after this.

Boulder, Cascade, Thunder, Rainbow, Marsh, Soul

Volcano:  burgundy with gold sparkles and blue and red shimmers


Earth on face
Earth:  sheer tawny balm with gold sheen.  This balm is quite sheer, the arm swatch was the result of several swipes.  I'm not sure how I feel about the opacity but it does make the gold less of a frost and more of a sheen.

Geek Pride Trio and GWP

Hey There Smoothskin
Hey There Smoothskin:  gorgeous satin ivory.  This was the full sized shadow included in my order as a GWP.  It's from the Wastelander collection inspired by Fallout.

Fantasy:  beautiful shimmery rose gold.  This was a surprise favorite out of the bunch for me!  I didn't think I'd be getting anything close to a rose gold at all and was stunned when I swatched it.  

Literature:  bronze with slight gold sheen and gold sparkles.  I love how much this shadow reminds me of old books.  It's definitely evocative of the literature theme.

Sci-fi: purple gray with tons of gold and pink sparkles.  This is also pretty evocative of the sci-fi theme, more of robots and technology than aliens and science.

Volcano, Earth, Hey There Smoothskin, Fantasy, Literature, Sci-fi

As you can probably tell, I really do love my order.  Even though I went in for the Pokemon shadows, the Geek Pride ones ended up being a hit with me.  I absolutely cannot wait to play with everything and seeing how Rainbow looks on my face!  Everything is still currently available, although the Geek Pride trio was supposed to be limited edition.  They're only available to purchase in full sizes, but the colors and formulas are so great that I didn't even mind (seriously, get Fantasy!).

- Jolie ♥


  1. How fun! Fantasy looks absolutely gorgeous. It's funny how, no matter how many rose gold shades I own, I'm always up for another one!

    1. I'm exactly the same! I own a few rose golds that are Holy Grails in my collection, yet I can't help buying more when I find them. I can at least justify it with blogging ^^;