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Corvus Cosmetics Le Cirque Collection and Highlighter Swatches

Corvus Cosmetics recently released their newest collection inspired by vintage circuses.  It includes sixteen eyeshadows in bright and bold colors with French names.  During their release, Corvus also introduced all new face highlighters!  The debut product comes in ten beautiful shades, half of which are wearable and the other half are duochrome.  Their TAT is currently 5-30 business days and I found my order shipping within 10 business days.  The Le Cirque collection has the same wonderful formula that I've grown accustomed to from Corvus with the eyeshadows being pigmented even over regular primer and extremely blendable.  

However, the real surprise came from the highlighters.  They're all incredibly creamy and easy to blend into the skin.  I've been wearing a new shade every day for the past week and have found all of them a pleasure to work with.  Depending on how heavy handed the application is, they can be both subtle and intense.  I find them creamier than some of the highlighters from other indie brands that I've been enjoying.  They are also pigmented enough over a sticky base to be used as eyeshadows or inner corner highlights.  I really do recommend trying out at least samples of the highlighters and hope Corvus releases more shades.

Disclaimer:  I am a promoter for Corvus Cosmetics.  I purchased everything with my own money using a promoter discount.  All opinions are honest and my own.  This post also includes affiliate links and if you would like to get a 10% discount on your order, feel free to use my affiliate code 'JOLIE' during checkout.

Nice note from the owner.  Also, I know I'm the best huehuehue :P

Pictures taken under LED bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top/left half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right half)

Le Dompteur de Lions
Le Dompteur de Lions/The Lion Tamer:  yellow with gold sparkles

Monsieur Loyal
Monsieur Loyal/The Ring Master:  orange gold with red and gold shimmers

La Femme à Barbe
La Femme à Barbe/The Bearded Lady:  light mauve pink with blue sparkles

L'Avaleur d'Epées
L'Avaleur d'Epées/The Sword Swallower:  peachy pink with slight gold sheen

Le Cracheur de Feu
Le Cracheur de Feu/The Fire Eater:  red orange with gold sparkles and red shimmer

La Contortionniste
La Contortionniste/The Contortionist:  light pink with gold sparkles

La Poupée Vivant
La Poupée Vivant/The Living Doll:  satin hot pink

Le Clown du Cirque
Le Clown du Cirque/The Circus Clown:  magenta with slight blue sheen

Le Dompteur de Lions, Monsieur Loyal, La Femme à Barbe, L'Avaleur d'Epées, Le Cracheur de Feu, La Contortionniste, La Poupée Vivant, Le Clown du Cirque

Le Jongleur
Le Jongleur/The Juggler:  purple with gold, red, and blue shimmers

L'Homme Canon
L'Homme Canon/The Human Cannon:  shimmery gray silver

Les Siamois
Les Siamois/The Conjoined Twins:  nude taupe with silver sparkles and red shimmers

L'Homme Fort
L'Homme Fort/The Strongman:  chocolate brown with gold and red shimmers

Le Funambule
Le Funambule/The Tightrope Walker:  grass green with gold, green, and red shimmers

L'Acrobate/The Acrobat:  sky blue with gold, green, and red shimmers

La Mystique
La Mystique/The Mystic:  gorgeous deep blue with silver and green shimmers

La Dame Tatouée
La Dame Tatouée/The Tattooed Lady:  blue black with green and red shimmers

Le Jongleur, L'Homme Canon, Les Siamois, L'Homme Fort, Le Funambule, L'Acrobate, La Mystique, La Dame Tatouée


Pictures taken under LED bulb (product and blended swatch) and indirect sunlight (heavy swatch) and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (heavy swatch) and bare skin (blended swatch)

Siobhan:  silver with silver shimmers

Nellie:  golden ivory with gold sparkles and slight red sheen

Jane:  shimmery pale golden pink.  Please excuse the odd line in the bare skin swatch.  Apparently my primer from previous swatches hadn't washed off as completely as I thought it had and still remained on my skin enough to affect the pigmentation of future swatches.

Lottie:  beautiful gold with green duochrome

Mary:  shimmery pink tan

Siobhan, Nellie, Jane, Lottie, Mary

Joy:  nude base with blue duochrome and silver sparkles 

Eliza:  gorgeous pink with gold duochrome and gold sparkles

Hattie:  shimmery gold with gold sparkles

Hilda:  shimmery pink tan with gold sparkles

Holly:  shimmery pale mauve with gold sparkles

Joy, Eliza, Hattie, Hilda, Holly

Bonus EotD!

Le Dompteur de Lions (inner corner), La Dame Tatouée (inner and outer corner), Monsieur Loyal (middle lid), Le Funambule (lower lashline)

I attempted to create a halo eye using some shades from Le Cirque and really liked my results!  I found the two contrasting colors blended well and lasted throughout my entire workday.  If you're a fan of bold and bright colors, I would really recommend checking out this collection.  As I've also mentioned before, I've been wearing the highlighters every single day and haven't been disappointed yet.  All the shades are extremely wearable and the duochrome highlighters have just a pop of uniqueness that shows up in certain angles.  I don't find any of them obnoxious in sparkles or shimmers as I do some other highlighters.  I really believe there's a shade for everyone and hope Corvus continues to expand their line!

- Jolie ♥

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