Saturday, January 4, 2014

Oslo Cosmetics - Black Friday Haul

I've procrastinated on this review for such a long time that I almost feel compelled to apologize to the owner :x  It's been awhile since I've ordered from Oslo Cosmetics because I own so many of their shadows already and I wanted to wait for the limited edition Black Friday shade.

The limited edition shade released is called Soleil, and I got my butt right onto the shop once I saw that it was up for sale!  Normally I buy Blogger Packs, which is $10 for 4 full-sized shadows, however, she's (temporarily?) taken it down so I opted for mini jars.  They're more expensive per gram than getting the Blogger Pack, but it was okay since I had a 40% discount code (for being a model/promoter).  I wanted to just buy everything else they offered that I didn't have already.

Disclaimer - Everything is purchased with my own money and the review consists of my honest opinions.

Everything is swatched over bare skin and taken with a daylight bulb.

Pyxis:  shimmery pale pink

Lux:  gorgeous and smooth brown-taupe with purple sheen

Tuscana:  warm copper gold

Voltanis:  olive green-gold

Westeros:  shimmery metallic gold

Equinox:  warm medium brown with brown glitter.  The glitters are very prominent; due to the binders, you won't need a sticky base in order for the glitters to stay on the lids.

Soleil:  shimmery red copper.  This is the limited edition Black Friday color; it might still be up for sale though.

Andromeda:  shimmery chocolate brown

Fabula:  shimmery yellow with slight green sheen

Daylight Bulb:  Pyxis, Lux, Tuscana, Voltanis, Westeros, Equinox, Soleil, Andromeda, Fabula

Flash:  Pyxis, Lux, Tuscana, Voltanis, Westeros, Equinox, Soleil, Andromeda, Fabula
The actual color on the lids is closer to the picture with flash, you get to see how red Soleil is and the slight green sheen from Fabula. Overall, I wasn't too sad about not having the Blogger Pack, as I would probably not use up full-sized jars anyway.  Mini-jars would definitely be enough for me to use, and definitely better than sample baggies.  I don't remember how much I paid exactly, but mini-jars range from $2-4 and I got 8 with 40% off.

With this order, I believe I own almost every single Oslo eyeshadow that's offered.  The only exceptions are a black shadow called Antila, and a turquoise called Aquarii.  Those were the only ones which did not interest me, especially since I caved and bought a similar blue from them called Pegasus.

Anywho, I'm so glad I made this order.  I probably won't have to order from Oslo for a really long time and save some money.  I finally get to play with all my pretty shadows instead of always eyeing the website for my next purchase.  I can't wait to use these and post some looks :)

- Jolie ♥


  1. They are soooo pretty! I need to make an order with them some day!

    1. You really do! I love their formula! They just go on so pigmented and gorgeous - I don't think I can even narrow down to less than ten favorites D:

  2. I love Oslo so much! I've placed a second order already and I can't wait to get it. :) Great picks!

    1. Me too! Which colors did you get? :D

    2. I got the Blush Sample Pack, a mini of the Hibiscus Lip Slick, the primer, and then for shadows, I got minis of Lux, Andromeda, Voltanis, Winter is Coming, and Asterism.

      Would you consider making a top 5 or top 10 post? :)

    3. Oooh I love Hibiscus (and also Odetta) Lip Slicks! I have considered making a top 5 or 10 post; it's just so difficult because I love all of them. And it's a little hard considering that I can't help staring at them lovingly every time I open the jars *_* I do have a few colors that pop out to me right now though, so I will probably do a top 10 if anything :)

      Thank you for stopping by! Let me know how you like the shadows!