Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hello Waffle Cosmetics - Lip Balm Swatches and Review

So if you guys didn't already know, I frequent a subreddit called Indiemakeupandmore.  I discover a lot of great stores on that site and meet a bunch of nice people.  A week or two ago, a user posted that she was opening a new shop on etsy called Hello Waffle Cosmetics.  She only had tinted lip balms listed on her site at the time and had a bunch of great swatch pictures.  

After looking at the swatches, I knew I really wanted to try the balms.  I'm a lip product junkie and the swatches looked amazing and pigmented on her lips (plus she's so cute ^^).  Since the company is located in Canada, flat rate shipping was $5.  

I decided to get two full-sized tubes in Maraschino and Vamp for $5 each.  I got full-sized tubes rather than clamshell samples because I find the texture changes if I apply it straight to lips.  The owner, Christine, kindly gave me a 40% blogger discount so that was really nice.  My order shipped the next day or two and I received it by the weekend.

You guys.  I love her.  If you haven't noticed in the picture above, it shows three balms instead of two.  She gave me a free full-sized lip balm!  That was so insanely generous and nice of her, seriously guys, a free sample is already nice but this was FULL-SIZED.  Ergh.  Okay, onto the swatches.

Swatches are done in daylight.  Bonus points if you recognize the random stuff on my door.

Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy:  bubblegum pink.  This was the free sample she sent me *_*  This was actually gritty upon application but the warmth from my lips melted the product and evened out.  Cotton Candy was a bit sheer on me but I didn't mind - I can't pull off light pinks very well.  This was very moisturizing and had a slight cooling sensation from the peppermint extract (I loved it).

Maraschino:  orange-red.  Maraschino has a moderate opacity; the texture is not overly oily.  It was very comfortable and moisturizing on my lips.

Vamp:  cranberry.  This also has a moderate opacity and is a bit oilier than Maraschino.  The slickness made it super easy to apply and was also moisturizing and comfortable.

Cotton Candy, Maraschino, Vamp
Overall I'm very happy and impressed with my order.  I'm obsessed with keeping my lips moisturized throughout the day and these are perfect.  The colors certainly show up well and don't sacrifice in comfort either.  I can see myself wearing these everyday as I really enjoy them.  Christine JUST came out with a bunch of new colors (two which I absolutely have to have!) and a new line of eyeshadow too!  Here is the link she posted on the new balm colors and shadows.  I really want to order some more soon and try out her eyeshadows.  She's got a repeat customer in me and I can't wait to see her company grow!

- Jolie ♥

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