Saturday, October 29, 2016

1UP Box HORROR vs Super Geek Box DARKNESS vs Loot Crate HORROR vs Loot Anime DELICIOUS October 2016

Whoop whoop, I'm actually celebrating the fact that I'm getting this out before the month ends!  It was unexpected, but October actually turned out to be one of my favorite months because of the themes!  Turns out I really, really enjoy Jack Skellington and Boo from Mario ;)  Loot Crate's items were geared more towards adults, so all the horror fans should have loved it.  

1Up Box Horror

Jack, Daryl, Ghost, and Boo shirt

Jack Skellington Dorbz!

The Walking Dead bracelet

Pac Man ghost bottle opener

Boo sticker

Horror poster

Horror pin

Super Geek Box Darkness

Jack Skellington shirt

Ghost hat

Zombie socks

Villain figurine

Boo buster patch

Jack Skellington stickers

Darkness pin

Loot Crate Horror

Negan shirt

Leatherface plush

Friday the 13th banner

Freddy chopsticks

Regrettable Supervillains book

Horror magazine

Horror pin

Extremely creepy The Walking Dead box with zombie mask

Loot Anime Delicious

Gudetama plush

Himouto! Umaru-chan figure

Naruto bowl

Food Wars!  Cosplay apron

Sweetness and Lightning manga

Delicious charm

Delicious poster

Lunch box art

- Jolie ♥

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