Thursday, April 28, 2016

1UP Box MINIATURE vs Super Geek Box DESTINY vs Loot Crate QUEST vs Loot Anime MUSIC April 2016 Subscription

Time for monthly subscription boxes!  I received Loot Crate and 1Up Box pretty early on and had to wait for Super Geek Box, like always.  I was pretty happy with the contents of each box and don't see myself giving a lot away this time around :P

1Up Box Miniature

Cute Baby Mario and Minion shirt

Adorable Baby Luigi plush

Kirby stress ball

Minion decal - I'll be giving this away since I don't actually like Minions

Antman drawstring bag

Awesome Yoshi egg coaster

Miniature poster

Miniature pin

Super Geek Box Destiny

Pokemon and Star Wars shirt

Transformers poster

Marvel Pixel Minis - I'm giving this away

Ninja Squirtles keychain

Star Wars lightsaber lanyard

Transformers stickers - I'm giving this away

Pokemon Ash hat; I absolutely love this and have been wearing it while playing the game

Destiny pin

Loot Crate Quest

Labyrinth shirt

Vikings cup

Harry Potter socks

Uncharted 4 poster - Probably giving this away

10 sided dice ice mold - awesome!

Quest magazine

Quest pin

Reversible playable Quest box

Loot Anime Music

Hypersonic shirt

Tokidoki Hatsune Miku Lanyard

Hatsune Miku travel blanket

Reel Earphones (very useful)

Light up Leek (now I have Leek Spin stuck in my head)

Your Lie in April volume 1

Music poster by Hanh Chu

Music phone charm

Reversible Music box

- Jolie ♥

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