Tuesday, January 5, 2016

AFK Cosmetics Mutants Lip Balms Swatches and Review

AFK Cosmetics recently released a collection of tinted lip balms inspired by X Men.  They did close shop a few weeks ago due to the owner's health problems, but are looking to reopen when she gets better.  I purchased the full set during Black Friday along with a custom lip balm and was supposed to get the adorable Christmasushi duo (lip gloss and eyeshadow) GWP with it.  Unfortunately, when my package arrived, it was missing the duo.  I contacted the owner, Dena, about it and she apologized and was looking to send it out as soon as her gloss tubes came in the mail.

Fortunately for me, she also included a bunch of homemade cookies she baked for the holidays!  It was so generous and awesome that I didn't know if she was serious or not in sending some over haha.  Let me tell you, those cookies were DELICIOUS.  Somehow, my packaged ended up in USPS limbo for an additional week before arriving at my place and the cookies were still chewy and amazing.  So kudos to your baking skills, Dena, and remember there's always a willing stomach here in NYC for any extra baked goods ;)

Awesome snowman themed notes as always!

Pictures taken under LED bulb 

My Own Best Friend
My Own Best Friend:  pale bubblegum pink with blue shimmers

I Am Fire and Life
I Am Fire and Life:  red orange with orange shimmers

Chere:  lavender with pink sparkles

Child of Limbo
Child of Limbo:  creamy red

Sugah:  creamy brick red

Make Your Own Door
Make Your Own Door:  semi sheer dark purple with silver shimmers

I'm a Bloody Ninja!
I'm a Bloody Ninja!:  creamy black cherry

BAMF!:  semi sheer black purple

My Own Best Friend, I Am Fire and Life, Chere, Child of Limbo, Sugah, Make Your Own Door, I'm a Bloody Ninja!, BAMF!

As you all know by now, I absolutely love AFK's balm formula.  Out of all the indies out there, they might be my favorite.  They feel absolutely amazing on my lips and moisturize them as well.  Although I'm not a fan of X Men, I can't resist their balms and I'm so glad I picked them up.  The creamy shades such as Child of Limbo, Sugah, and I'm a Bloody Ninja! are my favorites.  They glide on the lips so effortlessly and are extremely pigmented.  When the shop reopens, I definitely recommend checking the balms out!

- Jolie ♥

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