Thursday, July 2, 2015

Femme Fatale & Shiro Cosmetics Haul Swatches

Today I have swatches of some Femme Fatale Cosmetics eyeshadows and Shiro glosses that were sold on FF's site awhile ago.  The Shiro glosses were exclusive glosses made around the holidays and weren't available for sale until it was put up by FF.  

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top/left half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right half)

Cosmic Owl
Cosmic Owl:  metallic bronze.  I have a few bronzes in my collection, but I couldn't resist getting a shadow named after one of my favorite Adventure Time characteres!

Prismo:  gray base with pink and gold shimmers.  Prismo is another one of my favorites from AT and I just love his bromance with Cosmic Owl.  I was a bit confused as to why Femme Fatale chose this color to represent Prismo as he's pink in the series.  It's still a lovely color and I would actually wear it more than I would wear a pink.

Sepulchre by the Sea
Sepulchre by the Sea:  plum base with strong green sheen and pink shimmers.  Shiro created this color exclusively for Femme Fatale so I was glad to be able to get it.

Cosmic Owl, Prismo, Sepulchre by the Sea

Shiro Glosses

Stuffed Stockings
Stuffed Stockings:  milky dusty rose with gold microshimmers and cinnamon scent

Sugared Plums
Sugared Plums:  sheer olive with pina colada scent

Bough of Holly
Bough of Holly:  sheer greenish tan

Dissever My Soul
Dissever My Soul:  pigmented berry with berry scent

Figgy Pudding
Figgy Pudding:  moderately opaque milk chocolate with honey nut scent

Stuffed Stockings, Sugared Plums, Bough of Holly, Dissever My Soul, Figgy Pudding

It was hard to tell what some of the colors of the glosses would result in because they were filled in layers.  The only one I would say I didn't like was Sugared Plums, because it was a weird muddy green on my lips.  I really liked Stuffed Stockings, but hated the cinnamon scent, thankfully, it dissipates after awhile.  Dissever My Soul was extremely pigmented and I would suggest using a lip brush to apply that one.  My favorites would be Stuffed Stockings and Figgy Pudding because they give me a great MLBB look and match with most of my eye looks.  I don't believe these glosses are available anymore, but if you see one you like, keep your eye out for destashes!

- Jolie ♥

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