Thursday, July 9, 2015

Corvus Cosmetics The Roses and Merewif Collections Swatches!

I received my Corvus Cosmetics order yesterday and couldn't wait to swatch!  They're starting to release some permanent collections revolving around certain colors and their first one is The Roses, inspired by the rosy colors of Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette.  Also released on the same day was the mermaid inspired Merewif collection.  I picked both of them up as soon as they were released (stalked the site like no other); Corvus is closing for a bit and reopening in August, so if you see anything you like, you can wait a bit to pick it up then.

Also, my white backdrop recently got ruined, so I attempted to take pictures without my light tent with just the light bulbs blaring down on my products.  If the baggies have some sort of super glare going on, you know why :/

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top/left half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right half)

Lily of the Valley
Lily of the Valley:  shimmery pastel yellow.  This was actually Corvus' first ever Color of the Month a few months back and I kept mulling over whether to get it or not.  Since I'm a collector, I decided to finally get it only to find out it was out of stock :(  The amazing owner, Noel, snuck one in my order without telling me and it was such a great surprise!  (Seriously, she's awesome and super funny, I'll dedicate a WCW to her someday, I promise.)

Mermaid Cat
Mermaid Cat:  pinky nude base with teal sheen and pink microshimmers.  This was an exclusive shadow created for a private group and I was really lucky to receive it.  It's subtle enough to use as an all over lid color, but the teal sheen is beautiful enough to turn heads.  Corvus definitely knows how to do neutrals with a twist.

Lily of the Valley, Mermaid Cat

The Roses

Mademoiselle:  matte pastel pink.  One thing to note about the mattes in this collection is that they become satin finishes over a sticky base.  They are all extremely pigmented and smooth; I say this now because I don't want to sound repetitive when describing all the mattes.

Cherie:  matte warm pink.  I actually described it as grilled salmon color initially, but warm pink sounds a lot prettier haha.

Champagne:  gorgeous true rose gold with gold sparkles.  Looking at it in the baggie, I thought it was a little too brown/copper to be a true rose gold.  However, it definitely warms up on the skin and after comparing it to my rose gold watch, it's the exact same color.  As a lover of true rose golds, I'm so impressed at how accurate this shade is!

Enchante:  matte dark brown

Soiree:  matte plum

Mademoiselle, Cherie, Champagne, Enchante, Soiree
This quint was actually very well thought out and put together.  You can easily create several looks using just the shadows in this palette and I love it.  I just wish there were five pan palettes out there which I can press and place these shadows in.  The former French student in me also liked the French names.


Atargatis:  matte stone blue with tons of green sparkles

Iara:  metallic butterscotch gold

Mami Wata
Mami Wata:  crimson with gold, red, and orange shimmers

Nixie:  beautiful dusty purple with gold sparkles and red shimmers

Atargatis, Iara, Mami Wata, Nixie

Melusine:  baby blue with gold shimmers

Siren:  dark blue with tons of pink shimmers

Rusalka:  absolutely beautiful ocean green with green and red shimmers

Thessalonike:  pigmented ashy brown with slight silver sheen

Morgen:  shimmery purple toned pewter with silver sparkles

Melusine, Siren, Rusalka, Thessalonike, Morgen

The Merewif collection was great, both in color and formula.  I have to admit that I was expecting more standard mermaid colors like blues and greens, but I'm glad they strayed away from the norm and put in some others instead.  I ended up really loving Mami Wata, Nixie, and Rusalka.  Siren also impressed me with how great it looked over regular primer.  I think I'm going to look up the lore surrounding the shade inspirations because almost all of them are new to me.

Like I said before, Corvus will be reopening in August, so if you see anything you like here, pick them up then!

- Jolie ♥


  1. I'm definitely going to need Mermaid Cat and Champagne! Beautiful swatches as usual :)

    1. Thank you, Carissa <3 I love love LOVE Champagne. It's seriously the most perfect and accurate rose gold I've seen. The Roses go great together too, you'd love them!