Tuesday, July 14, 2015

AFK Cosmetics Custom Balm Swatches and Review!

SO.  This review has been a long time coming!  I made this order a long time ago, and due to the nature of creating custom colors, it took even longer to get to me.  I made a relatively small order for AFK Cosmetics' CotM balm, mini mascara, and custom Chanel Dragon balm.  I don't think I'll ever give up trying to dupe the Dragon gloss mainly because I don't actually know how it looks like in person so the surprise and anticipation will always keep me wanting...  Anyway!  I noticed my order was taking awhile and messaged the owner, Dena, on FB for updates.  She apologized and started sending me updates and swatches on my balm right away.  I was super picky and probably caused a LOT of trouble for her, but I really liked the resulting swatch!

My order arrived soon after and included two samples of her newest collection - Three Laws of Robotics.  

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over Notoriously Morbid Shadow Bind (top/left half) and ELF Essential Shadow (bottom/right half)

First Law
First Law:  shimmery silver

Third Law
Third Law:  shimmery copper

Jolie has Died of Dysentery
Jolie has Died of Dysentery:  moderately opaque plum.  This is a gorgeous no brainer color.  It's a slightly darker MLBB on me and is my go-to when I don't know what lip colors to pair with eye looks.  Also, yay for custom label :D 

Dragon dupe
Dragon dupe:  extremely pigmented dark red with gold shimmers.  I think I definitely won the award for most difficult customer on this one.  I was so extremely picky about the color and asked Dena to tweak it so many times.  Ultimately, it didn't end up looking like Dragon, but I love the color so much.  This is my power red and I've worn it many times already.  Dena had said it was so pigmented that it looked more like a lipstick.  She was NOT wrong.  I use this as a lipstick and I love how pigmented it is.

Black Mage Mascara
Black Mage Mascara:  I ordered a mini tube of this to try out since I like mascaras.  Unfortunately, the spooley came detached from the wand and got stuck inside the tube.  There was no way I could ever get it out to try.  Dena ended up sending me a full sized replacement which I will discuss in an upcoming review.

First Law, Third Law, Jolie has Died of Dysentery, Dragon dupe

This was a rather odd experience for me because it flip flopped from good to bad, and back to good again.  It was good because Dena was so attentive and patient with me, I couldn't have asked for better service.  However, after my package arrived and I discovered the broken wand, I contacted her about it and she said she would ship a replacement.  Almost a month later, I still hadn't received anything and contacted her through FB message, email, and finally posting it on AFK's company page.  She responded on the company page and said she had been out of town so didn't see the messages.  Turns out USPS had lost my replacement package along with another customers'.

Anyway, she was extremely apologetic and upgraded my replacement to a full size.  She also released her Dr. Horrible inspired collection which I promptly ordered and asked if she can just put the mascara in with that order.  She said yes and I recently got my package, so that's the end of that ordeal!

I can't say that was the most pleasant experience, but it was resolved at the end and I am still really happy with my custom balm.  I can't wait to start swatching the Dr. Horrible collection because I really love AFK's eyeshadow formula.  Hopefully, my computer will get better soon and I can post more often!  (This post was actually really grueling because I had to retype all my notes from my old computer onto this one just so I can finally get it out :/)

Wah, this post turned out pretty long.  Thanks for listening to my rambles, see you soon!

- Jolie ♥ 


  1. Although it doesn't look much like Dragon, I think the custom balm looks beautiful on you!

    1. Thank you so much, Carissa! I really really love it :D She sent me a million progress pictures along the way, so I'm glad they translated well in person. There are also faint gold sparkles that don't show up too much in pictures, but I love them. Dena really perfected them on that front ^_^