Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hello Waffle November 2016 Visage - The Buried Moon Swatches

Today, I have swatches of Hello Waffle's November Visage box!  It was inspired by The Buried Moon and included three mini eyeshadows, one mini blush highlighter, and two guest indies.  It was the second anniversary of the Visage box so the first ever guest indie, Life's Entropy, was brought back to make another product.  Hello Waffle also recently acquired Howl Cosmetics' lipsticks and released some Black Friday shades, so a sample clamshell of one of the shades was included.  Hello Waffle's current TAT is 10 - 15 business days.

Cloak of Light
Cloak of Light (overshadow):  icy blue with silver, blue, and pink sparkles

Beneath a Stone
Beneath a Stone:  nude with blue shimmers

Bogles & Horrors
Bogles & Horrors:  matte taupe

Strange & Beautiful
Strange & Beautiful:  pale pink blush with blue and pink shimmers; applied heavily over bare skin

Bare lips
Lunar on face
Lunar:  dusty lavender matte liquid lipstick.  This was created exclusively by Life's Entropy for the subscription box.  I found the formula dries quickly on the lips and is very comfortable.  Unfortunately, the color is too cool toned for me, but at least I know I like the formula and can buy other colors later on.

Coco Couture
Coco Couture on face
Coco Couture:  pinky red lipstick.  This was a sneak peek into Howl's Black Friday lipsticks.  I found the formula fared way better than Hello Waffle's first trial into Howl's lipsticks.  This seemed more akin to the original formula where it was a bit drier, but extremely pigmented and still comfortable enough for a semi matte lipstick.

Cloak of Light, Beneath a Stone, Bogles & Horrors, Strange & Beautiful, Lunar, Coco Couture

- Jolie ♥

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