Thursday, December 29, 2016

Corvus Cosmetics Eventyr Collection and Limited Edition Holiday 2016 Highlighter Trio Swatches and Review

Welcome back, everyone!  I'm really excited to share swatches of Corvus Cosmetics' newest eyeshadow collection and limited edition highlighters!  Corvus' current TAT is 5 - 30 business days.  Corvus Cosmetics is one of my favorite indie brands and they've been on hiatus for quite awhile, so I was doubly excited for their reopening and finally getting my hands on some new colors.  The new collection, Eventyr, is inspired by the fairy tales from Hans Christian Andersen and the highlighter trio was holiday themed.

Disclaimer:  I am a promoter and affiliate for Corvus Cosmetics.  I purchased these products using a promoter's discount and all opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links and you can use my affiliate code 'JOLIE20' for 20% off your order.  

Pictures taken under LED bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top/left half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right half)

New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve:  icy blue with slight pink shift

Little Glass Bells
Little Glass Bells:  blue gray with blue and silver shimmers

Daughter of the Air
Daughter of the Air:  seafoam with green shimmers

Northern Lights
Northern Lights:  orchid with slight green duochrome and red shimmers

Swindled:  champagne with gold, green, and red shimmers

Cygnet:  matte mustard

Maia:  pink with red shimmers

New Year's Eve, Little Glass Bells, Daughter of the Air, Northern Lights, Swindled, Cygnet, Maia

Temptation:  warm pink with gold sparkles and red shimmers.  The owner, Noel, had actually upgraded this beautiful shade from a sample to mini jar for free!  It was such a nice gesture and I really appreciate it :)

Royal Rose
Royal Rose:  rosewood with gold sparkles and red shimmers

Dancing Shoes
Dancing Shoes:  beautiful red with red shimmers.  THIS.  This is definitely the stunner of the collection.  I'm a little miffed because it's way cooler in person and I feel like my swatch picture dulled it down.  If you were ever looking for a true red, this is the one.

Copper Castle
Copper Castle:  copper with gold sparkles

Onward to thy Grave
Onward to thy Grave:  dark brown with gold sparkles

Adorned:  forest green with green shimmers

Black and Blue
Black and Blue:  purple with blue and red shimmers

Temptation, Royal Rose, Dancing Shoes, Copper Castle, Onward to thy Grave, Adorned, Black and Blue

Holiday Highlighters

Sugar Plum
Sugar Plum:  pink highlighter with gold shimmers; swatched heavily over bare skin

Sleigh Bells
Sleigh Bells:  gold highlighter with gold and red shimmers; swatched heavily over bare skin

Snow Day
Snow Day:  icy blue highlighter with silver and blue shimmers; swatched heavily over bare skin

Sugar Plum, Sleigh Bells, Snow Day

Overall, I really liked the Eventyr collection, but then again, I've liked every single collection Corvus has released.  What I find interesting about this one is that there are a good amount of inner corner/highlight and lid shades, but only one outer corner/deepening shade (Copper Castles).  I find that to be a great thing because most makeup lovers will already have a matte brown or black in their collection that they can pull in to deepen their looks.  I've already used more than half of the Eventyr line this week and the quality of the eyeshadows is the same great quality that I'm used to from Corvus.  I have yet to use Dancing Shoes, but I'm trying to save the best for last!

Will you be picking up this new collection from Corvus?

- Jolie ♥

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