Thursday, July 28, 2016

1UP Box SURVIVAL vs Super Geek Box VILLIAN vs Loot Crate DYSTOPIA vs Loot Anime VICTORY June 2016 Subscription

Sorry for the late post again, but I got some really cool stuff in the June subscription boxes!  I can honestly say I'm going to wear, use, or display most of the items I received :)

1Up Box Survival

Jurassic Park and Walking Dead crossover shirt

Bioshock Funko Pop

Jurassic Park playing card sticker

Fallout Vault Boy keychain

Daryl Dixon key topper

Survival poster

1Up box Survival Pin

Super Geek Box Villian

Star Wars and Zelda crossover

Pokemon/Meowth wallet

Harley Quin Funko plush

Star Wars and Mario drawstring bag

Harley Quin playing card sticker

Team Rocket official pin

Mario keychain

Super Geek Box Villian pin

Loot Crate Dystopia

Robocop shirt

Fallout Dorbz

Matrix jigsaw puzzle

Terminator tin plate

Bioshock blank key

Dystopia magazine

Dystopia box

Loot Crate Dystopia pin

Loot Anime Victory

Yowamushi Pedal shirt

Splatoon plush

Free water bottle

Free luggage tag

Yowamushi Pedal manga

Victory poster

Loot Anime Victory pin

Reversible box

- Jolie ♥

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