Friday, March 6, 2015

Geek Chic Cosmetics Moon Prism Power Makeup Collection Swatches

Hey guys, I have swatches of Geek Chic Cosmetics' Moon Prism Power Makeup collection!  This collection is inspired by the very popular Sailor Moon.  Now I was never a fan of the series because I really disliked the main character, but I did like almost everyone else.  This collection didn't actually excite me until I saw the limited edition tin.  For some reason, I just had to have it - I still don't know why.  The limited edition tin comes with all 12 full sized shades in the collection.  When I made the order, I didn't realize their CotM was Kirby inspired with an adorable label art.  I emailed the Geek Chic team to ask if I could add it on and have them invoice me separately.  They responded quickly and generously said they'd add it on!

I also commend them for their customer service.  They had a supply shortage and emailed everyone about their slightly increased TAT.  I greatly appreciated them reaching out first instead of the customer having to ask.

One thing about the collection I noticed is that they almost definitely need a sticky base to be opaque and glittery.  There are a lot of lighter colors in this collection, so if you want to use any on the lid, I would suggest either a glitter adhesive or a white/nude cream base underneath for the color to really pop.

Pictures taken in daylight and swatched over Notoriously Morbid Shadow Bind (top half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom half)

Hypernova:  shimmery pale pink with gold sparkles.  This was the February CotM and not a part of the collection; it does, however, look like it belongs!  I've used Hypernova twice as an inner corner highlight and really love it.  As you can tell in the swatch, it's pigmented enough on it's own without a sticky base and is very glowy.  (And how cute is that label art?  It really was the reason I bought this shade.)

Moon Prism Power Makeup

Rainbow Moon Heart Ache
Rainbow Moon Heart Ache:  shimmery pale gold with rainbow sparkles.  This is inspired by the titular character, Sailor Moon.  As much as I dislike the character, I do like this shade as an inner corner highlight.  (You'll probably see a trend here with most Inner Senshi shades being good for the inner corner.)

Mercury Aqua Mist
Mercury Aqua Mist:  shimmery icy blue with blue sparkles.  This is inspired by Sailor Mercury and is a very pretty light blue.  

Crescent Beam Shower
Crescent Beam Shower:  shimmery pale orange.  This is inspired by Sailor Venus.

Mars Snake Fire
Mars Snake Fire:  rose with dark purple glitter and silver sparkles.  This is inspired by Sailor Mars, one of my favorite characters.  She's feisty and speaks her mind, which I like.  I would've preferred a true red, but this is quite pretty as well.

Flower Hurricane
Flower Hurricane:  shimmery seafoam green with pink and gold sparkles.  This is inspired by Sailor Jupiter.  Surprisingly, I really like this color; it's very bright and the pink and gold sparkles are very obvious in person.

Daylight:  Hypernova, Rainbow Moon Heart Ache, Mercury Aqua Mist, Crescent Beam Shower, Mars Snake Fire, Flower Hurricane

Silence Glaive Surprise
Silence Glaive Surprise:  shimmery pale lilac.  This is inspired by Sailor Saturn, another one of my favorites.  Her character didn't seem super developed, but I did like her power of destruction and her staff was cool.

Submarine Reflection
Submarine Reflection:  shimmery ocean blue with gold and silver glitter and green sheen.  This is inspired by Sailor Neptune and I thought it was so pretty!  I don't usually go for blues, but this was so shimmery and the green sheen was absolutely gorgeous.

Space Turbulence
Space Turbulence:  yellow with silver glitter.  This is inspired by Sailor Uranus and I have the strongest urge to pair it with Submarine Reflection, but I'm not sure if they'll look good together.

Chronos Typhoon
Chronos Typhoon:  steely green with pink sparkles.  This is inspired by Sailor Pluto, which is my last favorite character.  I always thought she looked so strong and bad-ass.  I was hoping for a beautiful deep green for her, but this is pretty too.

Twinkle Yell
Twinkle Yell:  warm pink with gold glitter.  This is inspired by Chibiusa, who I might actually hate more than Sailor Moon herself.  I found this character extremely annoying and the only time I was interested in her was when she turned into Black Lady.  (I'm not putting any spoiler tags because this series is well over ten years old.)  I'm not too into pinks, but I did like how this shadow seemed pigmented over regular primer as well.

Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber
Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber:  charcoal base with purple, silver, and red sparkles.  This is inspired by Tuxedo Mask, and hot DAMN does it look good over a sticky base!  It's very sheer over a regular primer, but with a sticky one, it explodes with color and sparkles.  I would recommend this only if you plan on using it with a sticky base, as you will definitely be disappointed without.  Also, am I the only one who was always creeped out by his relationship with Sailor Moon?  I have nothing against age differences, but she was 14 and he was 21 (I believe) when they got together...  Not sure why the mangaka couldn't have made the girls at least high school aged.

Queen of Darkness
Queen of Darkness:  shimmery blush with gold sheen.  This is inspired by the villain, Queen Beryl.  Geek Chic describes it as their take on the Pantone Color of the Year - Marsala, but it's lighter.  It's a very pretty shade and I'm excited to incorporate it into my looks.  Also, I wish Geek Chic had more colors for the villains, I found them more interesting than the main cast!

Daylight:  Silence Glaive Surprise, Submarine Reflection, Space Turbulence, Chronos Typhoon, Twinkle Yell, Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber, Queen of Darkness

Overall, I did think this collection was nice and matched the characters pretty well.  If you've watched the series, you know each character has their own color theme and most of the shades corresponded to them.  I wish they'd be more pigmented by themselves without the need of a sticky base, but at least they look stunning over one.  This collection would be good for someone who doesn't have many pastels, or needs more inner corner highlights than the usual white gold kind.  I can pair most of these shades with other dark colors in my collection to make a more cohesive look.

Doing these swatches makes me want to re-watch the series, or at least watch the new re-vamped one.  I read the manga a few years ago to see what the hype was about and wasn't very impressed and I read the old series had changed several things.  The new series is supposed to follow the manga more closely, so hopefully it changes my mind on some things.  There are a lot of things on my to-rewatch list that I feel like giving a second chance because I was too young during the first viewing to judge.  I do like how makeup inspires me to do other things other than just doing my makeup.  It's just another excuse for me to keep buying things, I guess :P

The limited edition tins are not available anymore, but you can still buy the shades separately or together (for a discount) on Geek Chic's website.

- Jolie ♥


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    1. I know right?! You know I was never a big fan of Sailor Moon (I think we both liked that pig supergirl LOL, remember??), but the tin really got me. I gave up on the new series awhile ago cuz it was super girly, but I may wanna pick it back up just so I can see the other characters. Usagi's still really annoying though -_-