Thursday, November 27, 2014

Notoriously Morbid November 2014 Vanishing Cabinet - Dead Love Swatches and Review

Hi everyone!  As I'm eagerly waiting for the clock to count down to midnight, I'll share my Notoriously Morbid November Vanishing Cabinet with you.  This month's theme is called "DEAD love", based off the Sookie Stackhouse novels and True Blood.  Instead of the regular four mini shadows that are included in each month, NM gave us five this time!  There's one shadow inspired by the main girl, Sookie, and the other four are her various suitors.  The packaging was also super cute this month, featuring a small black coffin and two shadows inside.  It's worth mentioning that the two shadows inside are Sookie and probably her most famous love interest, Eric.  I thought that was an adorable touch and shows how much NM cares about packaging.

The special guest this month is Glamour Doll Eyes and they made a shadow just for this collection.  Another free NM sample was included as a sneak peek for next month's VC.  I have no idea what it is yet, so I'm excited for the reveal.

If you guys haven't noticed, my product pictures might look a bit different and that's because I finally got a DSLR!  My product pictures will be taken with the DSLR now and I tried doing the same with swatch photos but it wouldn't focus for some reason.  Therefore, swatch pictures are still taken with my regular (still really great) point-and-shoot until I figure out how to focus on my DSLR.  Another change is that I've started doing half my swatches over ELF Glitter Primer because I have started using that in my almost-daily routine, so here's how these shadows look like over a sticky base!

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (upper half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom half)

Mittens for Michael
Mittens for Michael:  beautiful purple with gold sparkles.  The gold sparkles are very obvious and that's what's giving off the sheen you see in the swatch photo.  I'll be looking forward to receiving this next month because it's absolutely wonderful!

DEAD love

Note explaining the concept and idea behind DEAD love

Fairy Royalty
Fairy Royalty:  matte pine green with copper sparkles.  This is the sample from Glamour Doll Eyes and it's a very forest-y color.  The green and copper have such a great contrast; it's very unique in my collection.  The red/copper shows up a lot more in person and it's something you might want to have if you like pine green shades.

Don't Think So Loud!
Don't Think So Loud!:  baby pink with blue sparkles.  Sookie!

Northman:  satin burgundy with blue sheen.  Eric.  I have to admit, I was obsessed with Alexander Skarsgard for a long while because of this character.  That was until my friend showed me the clip of him in Zoolander and destroyed the image of absolute masculinity ;_;

Quinn:  silvery blue with pink and blue shimmers.  I actually don't know this character, but the color is extremely pretty.  I apologize for it being slightly blurry, but it still shows off the color pretty well.  The pink and blue shimmers show up well in person and it's just an ethereal color overall.

Merlotte:  white gold with strong red sheen.  Sam!  How cool is the difference between the product in the jar and the product swatched?  I love how strong the red sheen is and it's stunning.  I love colors and textures like this.

Compton:  metallic tarnished gold.  Bill!  I'm not a fan of tarnished golds, but look at that pigmentation and sheen!  It positively glows on the skin.

Daylight:  Mittens for Michael, Fairy Royalty, Don't Think So Loud!, Northman, Quinn, Merlotte, Compton
Flash:   Mittens for Michael, Fairy Royalty, Don't Think So Loud!, Northman, Quinn, Merlotte, Compton

I wanted to get this review out by tonight because NM is having a 40% off sale for Black Friday!  And due to the popularity of this set, it will be available for purchase as well!  This set is very pretty and reminds me of Valentine's Day.  It's full of very subtle yet beautiful colors that you can definitely play up if you're on a hot date.  As you can tell, the pigmentation didn't change much (if at all) over Glitter Primer, so that shows you how amazing NM's shadow formula is.  As I'm gearing up for the NM sale, I just want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and don't go too crazy over the Black Friday sales!

- Jolie ♥


  1. Wonderful swatches!!! I just love Quinn and Merlotte (naturally I ordered them just now :)), they look like such complex shadows and I am sucker for that!

    1. Thank you Mariam! Quinn and Merlotte are definitely standouts! They're so much more than they appear in the jar or even swatch pictures. I think you'll love how they look once you get them :D