Friday, November 28, 2014

Corvus Cosmetics First Impression - The Year 3000 Swatches and Review

Welcome back everyone!  I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday.  I have an exciting first impression today.  It's a new company called Corvus Cosmetics that has an Etsy storefront for now.  They opened recently and introduced themselves on the indie subreddit.  The first collection is inspired by Futurama and features nine shadows.  If you buy the whole set, a free eyeshadow is included.  Each color is inspired by a character on the show and the full sized jars have a label art with the character's face.  I opted to buy samples since I can never finish a full size (although I was really tempted because of the labels!).  Since they are new, the TAT is very quick and I received my order within the week.  

Look at this sweet card!  So generous, right?  ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.  O_O

Each full sized jar comes individually shrink-wrapped.

The sample sizes are said to be 1/4 tsp, but look how insanely generous this is?!
Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (upper half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom half)

Ice Queen
Ice Queen:  shimmery blue white.  This is the GWP with buying the whole set and it would make a good inner corner highlight.  I wonder if it's supposed to be a Frozen collection?

Smizmar:  semi sheer shimmery pale pink with silver sheen

Champaggin?:  shimmery champagne orange creamiscle .  This is such a gorgeous shade!

Orange Joe
Orange Joe:  orange with gold sparkles.  This is an extremely pigmented shade and I'm very impressed.

Why Not Zoidberg?
Why Not Zoidberg?:  medium warm pink with gold sheen.  This is such a gorgeous shade!  A bit pinker than what I would expect from a shade inspired by the lobster-ish Zoidberg.  This reminds me of Nars' blush in Orgasm and would probably make a beautiful blush or lip gloss :)

Daylight:  Ice Queen, Smizmar, Champaggin?, Orange Joe, Why Not Zoidberg?
Flash:  Ice Queen, Smizmar, Champaggin?, Orange Joe, Why Not Zoidberg?

Good News Everyone!
Good News Everyone!:  mint green with gold sheen.  OKAY, so this does not look color accurate at all.  I think the gold sheen was so powerful that my camera decided to capture it as a chartreuse!  In person, you can definitely tell the color is supposed to be a mint green but you do still see the gold sheen.  It's just not as bright/neon as the swatch looks.  It definitely looks more like the baggie color in real life!

Zero G Jugs
Zero G Jugs:  beautiful deep blue.  This is such a gorgeous color, but is one of the only ones that benefit greatly over a stickier base.  You can sort of see the bottom of the swatch where it looks more faded.

Clobberella:  beautiful purple with blue shimmers.  This is a beautiful shade, but also benefits greatly with a sticky base.  As you can see, the bottom part without a sticky base is faded as well.  The texture of this particular shadow is so soft though, it's really nice.

Bite My Shiny Metal @$&!
Bite My Shiny Metal @$&!:  pigmented silver with matte dark brown base.  I was wondering why the Bender inspired shade was brown, when he's completely silver.  Noel told me she had to put a brown base because the silver was sheer by itself.  When swatched and applied, the silver definitely shines through and is one of those colors where I wish I got a full size.

Fine Jamaican Bacon
Fine Jamaican Bacon:  dark brown with copper and gold shimmers.  I really can't say this shade without the Hermes accent, I just can't.  It's a really great and pigmented shade!

Daylight:  Good News Everyone!, Zero G Jugs, Clobberella, Bite My Shiny Metal @$&!, Fine Jamaican Bacon
Flash:  Good News Everyone!, Zero G Jugs, Clobberella, Bite My Shiny Metal @$&!, Fine Jamaican Bacon

As you can see in the group swatches, Good News Everyone! is definitely a minty green shade.  You can also see where the ELF Glitter Primer ended in the darker shades.  Overall, I'm pretty blown away by Corvus Cosmetics.  The shadows did the characters justice and were amazing in terms of pigmentation and texture.  I found that only two out of ten shades really needed a sticky base to look great.  I think that's a testament to the superb formula since a lot of shadows from companies almost need the sticky base in order to look good.  I really wish she would expand this collection soon, but sadly, we might have to wait another year :(

If you guys are Futurama fans, or are just fans of great eyeshadows, please check out Corvus Cosmetics!  You won't be disappointed!

- Jolie ♥

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