Thursday, November 2, 2017

Corvus Cosmetics Pressed Eyeshadow Palettes and Pressed Highlighter

Ohhh boy, this post has been delayed for long enough!  Corvus Cosmetics launched their pressed eyeshadows and highlighters earlier this year and my life has been so hectic that I haven't been able to post :(  Anyway, I was pretty excited when they announced this because I use their products almost every day and have pressed the samples that I purchased since pressed eyeshadows are easier for me to use.  During the initial release, I picked up the pressed highlighter and the 12 pan palette.  I later picked up the 5 pan palette which I have included in this post as well.

The current TAT is 5 - 30 business days.  The pressed eyeshadow pans retail for $8 each, 5 pan palettes are $38, and 12 pan palettes are $78.  The pressed palettes are customized, so you get to choose the shadows and input them yourselves.  The pressed highlighters are unfortunately discontinued due to packaging issues.  

Disclosure:  I'm an affiliate of Corvus Cosmetics and the link provided above is an affiliate link.  You can also use my code 'JOLIE20' for 20% off your order (discount does not apply to palettes).

Pictures taken under LED bulb

Pressed Eyeshadow

5 Pan Palette

12 Pan Palete

Pressed Eyeshadow

I'm not swatching anything in the order because everything I purchased had already been swatched in previous posts.  I was overall extremely impressed with the great packaging.  Although people had issues with the pressed highlighters breaking during transit, I was very lucky to have received mine intact.  The packaging seems durable and very professional.  

Additionally, I absolutely love the palettes!  Not only do they come with gorgeous label art, but they have a magnetic closure and are hefty in weight.  Because of their beauty and ease of use, I've reached for my palettes daily.  I'm very tempted to pick up several more in the future.  Corvus also recently released five new loose highlighters and their site swatches look gorgeous.  I've already ordered them and will try to post them soon after they're received!

- Jolie ♥

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