Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Notoriously Morbid Watercolor Stains Collection and Causeacon Cosmic Glosses Swatches

Happy September, everyone!  I have swatches of Notoriously Morbid's Watercolor Stains highlighter palettes and Mystic Matte lipsticks that were released last month!  They were inspired by Tori Amos and while I'm not familiar with her work, I can always appreciate beautiful makeup :)  I also have swatches of three new Cosmic Glosses that were made exclusively for Causeacon!  I actually love Notoriously Morbid's gloss formula because it's so comfortable and moisturizing.  Notoriously Morbid's current TAT is 14 business days.

Disclosure:  I'm a promoter for Notoriously Morbid and purchased these products using a promoter's discount.

Pictures taken under LED bulb and swatched over bare skin


Reflecting Pool
Reflecting Pool:  sparkly silver blue with green shimmers

Saddest Rainstorm
Saddest Rainstorm:  shimmery pink and green

Turquoise Serpents
Turquoise Serpents:  swampy green with green and pink shimmers


Fires are Burning
Fires are Burning:  beautiful copper with gold sheen

Trick of Light
Trick of Light:  warm pink with gold sheen

Kiss the Violets
Kiss the Violets:  glowy royal purple

Reflecting Pool, Saddest Rainstorm, Turquoise Serpents, Fires are Burning, Trick of Light, Kiss the Violets

Mystic Matte Lipsticks

Underwater Thing
Underwater Thing on face
Underwater Thing:  stunning aquamarine with strong green duochrome; slightly blue-staining

Desert Highway
Desert Highway on face
Desert Highway:  olive green with copper shimmers and blue sparkles

Bluebell Knoll
Bluebell Knoll on face
Bluebell Knoll:  medium lavender with blue sparkles and pink shimmers

Rose Colored Glasses
Rose Colored Glasses on face
Rose Colored Glasses:  beautiful rose with slight gold sheen; pink stain 

Fading Flame
Fading Flame on face
Fading Flame:  orange red with slight pink sheen

Light in the Dark
Light in the Dark on face
Light in the Dark:  blackened metallic blurple

Black Winged Roses
Black Winged Roses on face
Black Winged Roses:  blackened burgundy with pink and gold shimmers

Causeacon Cosmic Glosses

Mermaid Screams
Mermaid Screams on face
Mermaid Screams:  sheer light blue with blue sparkles and red and green shimmers; this would make a good lipstick topper.

Fairy Wings
Fairy Wings on face
Fairy Wings: pretty and feminine sheer pink with gold and red shimmers

Unicorn Dreams
Unicorn Dreams on face
Unicorn Dreams:  gorgeous moderately opaque royal purple with red and gold shimmers

Underwater Thing, Desert Highway, Bluebell Knoll, Rose Colored Glasses, Fading Flame, Light in the Dark, Black Winged Roses, Mermaid Screams, Fairy Wings, Unicorn Dreams

Overall, I'm incredibly impressed and in love with the entire haul.  I've always said Notoriously Morbid face products were underrated so I'm happy they got the spotlight in the Watercolor Stains collection.  I love that the palettes are multifunctional, meaning they can be used on the eyes and face.  Crystalline would be my favorite one because the shades work as shimmery blushes on me and are absolutely stunning.  Mystic Matte wise, I love Rose Colored Glasses and Fading Flame, though I have a soft spot for Desert Highway because it reminds me of Hotel California!

If anything strikes your fancy, I strongly recommend picking up these products from their website!  I don't personally have a discount code, but feel free to use 'NMREBECCA15' for 15% off your order!  My friend, Rebecca, is an affiliate and using her code will save you some money :)

Also feel free to visit our IG accounts @infamousjoe (mine) and @glowthroughtheveil (Becca's) for face and eye looks using NM products! :D

- Jolie ♥  


  1. You have the best reviews! Thanks so much, Jolie :)

  2. OMG! I am not a person who uses highlighters much, but I can see the Orbital palette being great as eyeshadow on its own or as a topper! I might have to get it! Thanks for the great swatches and product closeups as usual, Jolie!

    1. Wahhh, I'm the worst at replying on time :( I've seen a lot of people using both highlighter palettes as eyeshadows and they've been beautiful! Thank you for the support :) <3