Wednesday, July 26, 2017

1UP UNIVERSE vs Super Geek GUARDIAN vs Loot Anime RISE UP June 2017

Whoop, sorry for the delay on this again, but here are my contents of the boxes I got in June!  I was mostly feeling meh on all my boxes besides the 1UP one, surprisingly.  Hopefully, I get better stuff in July :P

1Up Universe

Rick and Morty shirt

Exclusive Space Invaders bracelet

Creepy Steven Universe plush

Avengers multicolor pen (will be giving this away)

Rick and Morty sticker (love it)

Universe poster (love it)

Universe pin

Super Geek Box Guardian

Batman/Wonder Woman/Superman shirt

Daryl Dixon Fabrikations

Captain America magnet

Spiderman socks

Groot and Baymax wallet (love it)

Guardian pin

Loot Anime Rise Up

Blame! shirt

Knights of Sidonia phone stand

Neon Genesis Evangelion plush

Voltron pin

Gurren Lagann book

Rise Up poster

Rise Up phone charm

Box design

- Jolie ♥

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