Wednesday, May 3, 2017

1UP Box ACTION vs Super Geek SHRINK vs Loot Crate INVESTIGATE vs Loot Anime HUMANITY April 2017

1UP Action

Avatar/Pirates of the Caribbean/Guardians of the Galaxy crossover shirt

Vision Mopeez

1UP Box exclusive Guardians of the Galaxy watch

Avatar lanyard

Pirates of the Caribbean sticker (love the annoyed skull)

Action poster

1UP pin

Super Geek Shrink

Toon Link shirt

Wicket Warrick Fabrikations

Inflatable Kirby mallet

Mushroom air freshener

Koopa face mask

Super Geek pin

Loot Crate Investigate

Stranger Things comic book style shirt

Jessica Jones Q Fig

Heat Sensitive Batman mug

X Files pencils (sharpener included)

Investigate magazine

Loot Crate pin

Reversible suitcase box

Loot Crate Humanity

Black Lagoon lunch box and coaster

Levi Ackerman figurine

Attack on Titan notebook and pencil

School Live! manga

Humanity poster

Humanity phone charm

Reversible box

- Jolie ♥

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