Sunday, February 12, 2017

1UP Box FORCE vs Super Geek Box VALOR vs Loot Crate ORIGINS vs Loot Anime DIMENSION January 2017

Welp, my procrastination is surely kicking the year off to a good start, eh?  I was actually pretty happy with most of the things I received from all four boxes barring a few items here and there, but what's new?  Hope everyone had a happy New Year and are still sticking with their resolutions! :)

1UP Box Force

Mario and Star Wars crossover shirt

Yoda plush.  This is REALLY creepy and I'm definitely giving this away to my coworker's kid.

1UP Box exclusive mini Suicide Squad rubix cube

Awesome Bowser face mask

Darth Vader note pad

Force mini poster

Force pin

Super Geek Box Valor

Legend of Zelda shirt

Hulk plush.  I think this is pretty ugly so I'm giving it to my coworker's kid as well.

Final Fantasy sword necklace

Kingdom Hearts keyblade key cover.  I love these things and my old key cover was due for a change anyway!

Dragonball Z cards

Valor pin.  This one was really cool as it was a matte pin.

Loot Crate Origins

Original Mario shirt

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael mini Tiki.  This was so cool; loved it!

Replica of the original Captain America shield.  This is really cool and well made, but I'll be giving it to my coworker's son because I'm not into Marvel.

Action Comics

Origins magazine

Origins pin

Box that converts into a comic holder

Loot Anime Dimension

No Game No Life shirt

Re: Zero rotating picture frame

Sword Art Online figurine

Sword Art Online socks

Log Horizon light novel

Dimension poster

Dimension phone charm

Reversible box art

- Jolie ♥

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